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Nov 4, 2012 3:30pm PST
? >> it has not healed enough, when you take into fact we spent $4.5 trillion in deficit recovery,. >> and an improvement ratio? >> not improving. >> not on that path. >> it's not on that path. >> is it an aberration? >> bureau of labor stats on this. have you requested them? >> yes, they don't tell you a lot of things. like the labor force participation rate. which has dropped to relatively low numbers, which makes the unemployment numbers look better. >> in hindsight, when he criticizes the last month's report. >> last month in the last month's report, the only reason that number got better was 582 people thousand left the calculation, and went to work on a part-time basis, so the part-time jobs got better, but we did not, they took these people out of the denominator. >> those numbers are not that -- >> nay says finish? >> we're being accurate. >> i would say that's the nay-ers. if you look at the economy, you could see consumer confidence is the highest it's been. we've had steady, but slow growth. independent economists say we're on track to create 12 million jobs in the next
Oct 28, 2012 3:30pm PDT
surplus and america's deficit. this problem drew similar responses from both candidates. president obama emphasized his record of bringing cases against china to the world trade organization, the wto, while seeking redress for unfair trade practices. governor romney emphasized his plan of levying tariffs against chinese imports to the u.s. if china persists refusing to follow international trade rules. >> question. both president obama's and governor romney's positions on china are they solid and presidential in scope and in content? >>> tim? >> it is silly politics. this is what every politician does. they campaign like pat buchanan, frankly, as a nationalist, and they govern as free traders as internationalists. these guys are not going to wage a trade war in china this is tough talk to win ohio. >> you want to defend yourself. >> i am an economic patriot and economic nationalist and obama is using my phrase. but i believe romney has gotten himself out to a point with this occurrence manipulator he is going to have to follow through on it. i agree with governor romney here. the c
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)